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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kalbi Tang

(By Jim)
We haven't written about Gamasot lately. We still go frequently, and I think it's still one of the best places for Korean soups and some other dishes. With the kitchen project underway and Barbara suffering from a cold we decided to head there for dinner to get some restorative soup.
The sollongtang is still fantastic. They add some tendon as well as the sliced beef to it these days. Barbara tried it, and didn't dislike it, but it doesn't have much taste. It's more of a texture food.
My favorite these days is the kalbi tang, beef short rib in beef broth with some egg, green onion, and I think radish. The broth is seasoned with black pepper and is soothing. The meat off the rib is tender, and is supplemented with some thin slices of brisket.
The pan fried dumplings (mandoo gui) are a treat. They can be a little greasy, but I don't care. They're delicious.
The kimchee has been very good lately, having that fizzy feeling on the tongue from the natural fermentation. They've recently added goat to the menu, although I haven't tried it yet.

I'm surprised that the place hasn't been more crowded lately. With fall coming on, it's time to have some soothing, warming soup to sustain us. Go, and go often.

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Blogger iGurman said...

Interesting, very nice. I am from the Slovak Republic. I am also a site for recipes for cooking. Only it be translated through Google translate.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a min, is this the one in Backlick Rd? VA? if it is then you're my neighbor!!

3:34 PM  

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