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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kitchen Renovation - Part 3

Friday's work was much less exciting (and much drier) than the day before. The contractors reinstalled all of the bottom cabinets then began working on the upper ones. Just as they were finishing the installation of the cabinets over the fridge are, the appliances arrived! Woot!

The fridge went straight into the kitchen while the stove, dishwasher and microwave were left out on the porch. Once the upper cabinets over the sink and stove area were leveled and firmly in place, the rest of the appliances were put in place. It was beginning to look like a kitchen again!We had a list of things we needed to get this weekend like the cabinet hardware, lights, and a new garbage disposal so we schlepped between Home Depot and Lowes to get everything we need. But at least the fridge is plugged and the stove is hooked up. Things are slowly get back to normal.My sister asked me what we planned for our inaugural dinner for the new stove and after a little bit of thought we decided that it had to be one of Jim's pizzas. And as I type this, Jim is busy in the kitchen putting the pizza together.

Coming up next week: The contractors will install the upper cabinets on the other side of the kitchen, finish up the electrical work (replacing the plugs and light switches, installing the under cabinet lights, and the new ceiling light), paint, and install the sink and countertop. They hope they can get it all done by Wednesday. Jim and I are looking forward to that.



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