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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mo' Pho

(By Jim)
After our pho throwdown, I promised to head back to Pho Kim to get what had been our favorite pho so far. We started out with our usual starters, the spring roll and fresh roll. Here, the spring rolls were a little greasy, but crunchy and tasty. The fresh rolls were good, but not as good as the ones at Pho Hot. The shrimp seemed skimpier by comparison.
The pho broth is what I like best about this place. It is well-balanced, combining beefiness, star anise, cinnamon, and other aromatic spices to make a warm, soothing broth. It is served with the usual bean sprouts, Thai basil, lime, and jalapeno pepper.
The meatballs are middle of the road, a finer texture than Viet House, but not as smooth as the ones at Pho Hot.

Barbara got the grilled sesame beef with noodles. The sesame oil reminded me of Korean food, an interesting combination with the Vietnamese style and flavors.
So, after this meal I still think Pho Kim has the best broth. I think Pho Hot has better meatballs, and better rolls, but puts too many noodles in the pho. The noodle bowls are a tossup. All three places had excellent grilled pork, chicken, or beef.

I'll keep Pho Kim as my favorite, because of the broth. But Pho Hot will have a place in the repertoire, because of the superior rolls. They also have chicken wings on their menu, one of my favorite treats. I look forward to trying them next time.

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Blogger Thistledew Farm said...

mmmm dinner looks so good!!!!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

... funny bit, i don't read too well anymore, and when i saw the reference to pho with meatballs, i said ... it's time to head back to a little place in rose hill that i hit mostly in the fall winter for soup for several years now, and it's ... pho kim!

... phive guys tonight, fo tomorrow !

robert in alexandria, va 22308

7:51 PM  

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