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Friday, January 28, 2005

My first entry - Pan Fried Dumplings

I don't know what I'm thinking........but here I am with a new Blog of my very own. I guess after seeing so many people I know with one, I sorta felt left out. So here I am. But what should I blog about? I pondered this for a while and decided to do one on cooking because it's something I really like to do.

I hope that you will find it to be utterly fascinating and wait with baited breath for each update. What? ........ I can dream, can't I?

Off we go........

I like to cook and so does my husband, who I'll refer to as Biscuit Boy. Between us, we make some pretty darn good food. He's more a cook while I tend to be more a baker. But occassionally I can throw together some pretty tasty meals. For instance, we both love Chinese cooking. I bought Biscuit Boy a cookbook for Christmas that is one of the best out there for Chinese Szechuan cooking. It's called "Land of Plenty" by Fuschia Dunlop.

One of the first dishes I prepared from it was the pan fried dumplings. The first two tries were good, but the third try......OH MY! They were spectacular.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


--- ---

It's a site I'm trying to get off it's feet. This is a generic message but it is posted by a human not a program. You can change the colors at the bottom of the home page; there are 23 different colors. You can also change the header animations. See that little square?! Your entries are likely to get more comments becuase it is a community blogging site.

peace - please check it out.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Jane said...

mmmmmmmm... those look yummy!

10:30 PM  

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