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Friday, April 29, 2005

DC Dining - The Reef (Adams Morgan)

On the rare occasion that I am off from work during the week, or get home earlier than usual, I like to meet Biscuit Boy in DC for dinner, happy hour or whatever. Even though we've been married nearly 6 years, we still like to go out on 'dates' with each other. (Here's where you're supposed to say Awwwww.....).

Earlier this week, I called in sick to work. I didn't sleep worth a hoot the night before and really just wanted to stay home and nap all day. I knew I wouldn't be worth a lick at work and they'd be better off without me. Trust me on this one.......I knew I would be worthless when I picked up the milk container from the fridge and promptly let it drop straight on the floor. The cap popped off and the milk shot straight out of the container, all over my legs and the floor. This was followed by me almost dropping my (full) coffee cup in much the same fashion.

After a nice long nap I felt much better and Biscuit Boy asked me if I wanted to meet him downtown after he got off work. A date? Why yes.....a date! We mulled over several places that had good Happy hour deals and decided on The Reef in the Adams Morgan section of DC. The thing we like so much about the Reef is the fish tanks in the main bar/dining area. Big salt water fish tanks, each with a different assortment of tropical fish are perched between each of the booths as well as one big tank in the middle of the room. There's something so relaxing and cool about sitting there while you eat and watching the fish.

When we got there, a co-worker of Biscuit Boy was there with a friend so we joined them on the roof deck. It was a beautiful evening. Clear skies, light breeze. We enjoyed a few beers during Happy Hour while we enjoyed the view from above of Adams Morgan. Biscuit Boy had a couple of Allagash Whites and I had draft cider and the Belgian Sunrise (Allagash White layered on top of Kasteel St.Louis Framboise).

Since it was still nice out, we decided to have dinner on the roof rather than head down stairs to eat among the fish tanks. Normally you wouldn't think of a bar as having really good food, but The Reef will change your mind. The food is excellent and reasonably priced. And on Wednesday nights, all bottles of wine are half price with an entree. Since I was getting red meat and Biscuit Boy was getting fish, we compromised and got a blush wine. It was very tasty. For entrees, Biscuit Boy's coworker got the Fried Tofu with Spicy Greens & Ponzu Sauce. Very yummy. Her friend and I each got the Bison burger topped with provolone cheese, bacon and bar-b-que sauce - served with pomme frites. Really good. Biscuit Boy got probably the best halibut we've ever eaten. It was served on top of rice and bean sprouts and topped with a red curry sauce. I don't think any of us left a scrap on our plates. I totally forgot that I brought the camera with me because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Otherwise I would have had some great pics to post here. I guess we'll just have to go back.

After dinner, it started to get a bit chilly so we all headed downstairs into the bar/dining area. We found a nice corner of the bar and claimed it as ours. We sat there for a little over an hour and enjoyed a couple of after dinner beers. I tried the Framboise. It was nice and sweet and perfect for after dinner.

We reluctantly had to leave about 9:30 so we could get home to walk Biscuit Pup. The trek from The Reef to our house in VA is about an hour using the Metro. Driving would be quicker but parking is a Bitch and a half in that area of Adams Morgan. So in our slightly buzzed stupor, we headed home. Biscuit Pup was glad to see us and greeted us royally. A nice way to end a great night out.



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Sounds like a great time. Wish I was there.

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