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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Infrared photos

Biscuit Boy got a new camera, and with it comes the usual giddiness of havin
g a new toy. While this picture wasn't taken with the new camera, the idea of infrared photography stemmed from it. Using our digital camera and several step rings, Biscuit Boy attached an infrared filter to the camera and began experimenting. Biscuit Pup, who hates the camera, has been freaking out and hiding in my lap.

The pictures were taken last night while I was cooking dinner. The one on top may appear as just an ordinary black and white photo. But wait! Look at the teddy bear cookie jar on the right hand side of the picture. He's not all light shades as he appears, he's wearing a bright red sweater. Then look at the picture below it (He took that one without the infrared filter). Pretty cool, huh?

There's no telling what kind of food pictures you will see on here from now on as Biscuit Boy fine tunes his skills. It's going to be an interesting adventure.


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