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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rockin' Robin

Yesterday morning we noticed a robin in the crab apple tree just outside our back window. It seemed to be checking out the real estate and must have liked what it found because this morning, we saw this: I'm pretty excited about it especially since it's so close to the window. I'm hoping we get to see baby robins soon and up close!

A few years back we noticed a BIG nest in a pine tree behind the house. At first we thought it was a hawk but it turned out to be crows. Every day, we'd watch as one of them stayed on the nest while the other was out doing whatever it is that crows do.

And after a few weeks we saw three scraggly little black heads bobbing just above the top of the nest. Baby crows! This was followed a week or so later by the baby birds stretching upwards and you could see their little baby wings. We laughed so hard the first time we saw that because they looked like little baby teradactyls.

Then after they got big enough they started to hop out of the nest onto nearby limbs and stretch their much sturdier wings in preparation to take their first flight. We knew that soon they'd fly off and sure enough they did. But for most of the summer, we'd see two larger and three smaller crows hanging out in the front of the property. I'm not sure if it was them or not, but I liked to think so and enjoyed seeing them grow up.

Now it's time to watch for baby robins. Peep peep.


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