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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Gift of Giving Gone Too Far

Sometimes the gift of giving goes a bit too far. For example, last week Biscuit Boy brought home a cold from work. He was miserable. I did as any good spouse would do. I banished him to the guest room at night. None of those germs were going to attack me in the middle of the night, no sir.

But alas it was not enough. Last Friday night after I got home from work it started.....the congestion, the coughing the "aw, crap I'm getting this *^#%* cold" feeling coming on. And after seeing what Biscuit Boy went through all that week, I knew I was in deep doo-doo.

By Monday, I was down for the count. I had already plowed through two boxes of tissues and drank enough cranberry juice to float a battle ship. Chicken soup did nothing to help. This cold looked at bowl after bowl of that good ole Jewish penicillin and just laughed. Or was it me wheezing? Crap, now I'm wheezing...... my asthma was rearing it's ugly head. I haven't had any problems with it for so long that I didn't even bother keeping an inhaler around anymore. This was not good.

I finally went to the doctor today and he stocked me up on some of the good stuff, antibiotics, inhaler and codeine based cough medicine. That combined with some Tom Yum soup (or as I call it, Thai penicillin) and what will be five days of sick leave from work, I think I'll pull through.


Blogger Dough-Boy said...

Yea, you just keep that col up there. We don't want that stuff down here in the south. That's the last thing we need, Yankee-Flu. Probably worse than bird-flu. LOL.

If homemade chicken noodle soup, don't fit it, it MUST be bad.....UGH....

9:41 PM  
Blogger Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Hey, is that anyway to treat your favorite sister?

10:01 PM  

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