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Sunday, February 05, 2006

WDB #20

It's the weekend so you know what that means.......Weekend Dog Blogging! This week I decided to use an older picture of Biscuit Pup. Sweetnicks mentioned that she loves closeup shots and have I got one for her! however, this week's WDB will be hosted by Alicat over at Something So Clever since Sweetnicks is out of town.

The picture above was taken by Biscuit Boy just after he got a new zoom lens for the camera. He was tinkering with it and got this great shot of just Biscuit Pup's nose (who was sitting across the room).

This next picture is probably one of our favorites of her. It was taken in Cape Charles, Virginia while we were staying at Pickett's Harbor B&B. She LOVED walking on the beach as you can tell by all the paw prints in the sand.

And finally, this one was taken last summer. She looks pretty comfy, doesn't she. And incredibly cute.



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