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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Eat at Joe's

We went to Joe's Noodle House with a few of our friends for dinner last night. It's a Chinese place in Rockville, MD about 45 minutes from our house. And it's well worth the drive. The owner (who is not named Joe) will guide you through the menu if you are new to the place. She'll warn you if a dish is spicy and offer to tame it down a bit if you like. We did this on one of our first visits when we ordered the Fish Fillet over Szechuan Vegetables. She warned us, "Do you want it full strength?" Biscuit Boy said no but she still toned it down a touch. Although ever since, we've taken everything full strength. I have to admit, the first time I ate it I couldn't eat much, it was so spicy! But since then I have eaten enough spicy food that I can take the heat pretty well. My taste buds must be properly cauterized by now.

Not everything at Joe's is spicy but some of our favorite dishes there do have a considerable amount of heat as well as the numbing szechuan peppercorns. Besides the Fish Fillet dish, we usually enjoy items like the Mapo Tofu, Szechuan Beef Jerky, and the Wontons with Red Hot Sauce. On the milder side, I love the Fish with Pine Nuts and the Salty & Crispy Squid......YUM!

Even though it's a very authentic place, we still haven't mustered up the courage to try the more exotic dishes like duck tongue or duck feet. It's only a matter of time (or one too many beers).

Last night's dinner consisted of the Salty & Crispy Squid, Szechuan Beef Jerky and the Wontons in Red Hot sauce. Our entree's were the Mapo Tofu, Fish Fillet over Szechaun Vegetables, String Beans Szechaun style and Chicken & Shrimp w/Crispy Lettuce.

Conversation around the table was lively and fun until the food arrived. Then it got quiet real quick. A few "mmm's" were uttered but that was it for at least the first few minutes. Then everyone finally looked up from their plates happy and content. Bowls of food were passed around, beer was swigged to cool the heat and chopsticks were in constant motion.

We all agreed that the friends that decided not to go really missed a good time. The food was excellent. We all had a great time.

After dinner we all got a fortune cookie. Yes, I know I said the place was authentic, but they also give out fortune cookies after your meal. My fortune read: "A pleasant surprise is waiting for you."
Ooooo, I can't wait!

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