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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Egg Man Cometh...

Every two weeks, we get a visit from the "Egg Man." He's a guy from out in the western part of the state who drives into the Metro area twice a week to sell his wares. As you have probably already guessed, he sells eggs. Fresh eggs, eggs so fresh they were under a chickens butt just days before. He also sells fresh sausage, bacon, and chicken. During the summer and early fall he also has seasonal items like peaches, tomatoes and apples.

The Egg Man has a long history in this area. His predecessor (Egg Man 1) made the rounds for 40 years before retiring in 1999. There's a great article in the Washington Post archives about him. It's dated June 25, 1999. Just days after I started working in my present job. I remember one of my first days at work being told about this "Egg Man" and how good his food was. Then lo and behold, he showed up with another man in tow who I learned would be taking his place. And he's been coming faithfully ever since.

He's a stout old guy that looks like he's sampled what he sells quite often (must be a quality control thing). He doesn't speak much except to ask if you want brown or white eggs, hot or mild sausage, whole or cut up chicken, etc. In October he takes orders for fresh Thanksgiving turkeys. Let me tell you, these are some of the best turkeys I have ever eaten. Moist and tasty. I made my first one in 1999. I had never made a whole turkey before and was nervous but the bird didn't let me down. We pigged out and subsequently slept like a rock that night.

Egg Man was here two days ago so I bought a dozen brown eggs, a pound of bacon and a whole chicken. I plan on cooking the chicken tonight and will post about it later (with pictures). Now to put on my recipe hat and think about how I will roast Mr. Chicken.


Blogger Barbara said...

Santos and Sweetnicks: I lost your comments when I tweeked my post. I had responded to you both saying we should clone the egg man so you could enjoy him too.

7:47 AM  

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