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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Half way through vacation

Halfway through our vacation and we're having a great time. We think Biscuit Pup is having a good time too. She's chased ghost crabs across the beach, barked at turtles, chased a bunny and several lizards. Biscuit Boy got her to go in the water at the beach. Not so sure how she liked that but she didn't run back up to the dry sand so it must not have been too bad. She looked like a drowned rat.

The weather has been great so far and we've enjoyed sitting up on the roof deck of the house in the early evening watching the waves roll in and seeing the occasional dolphin jump in the water.

Biscuit Boy has eaten his share of oysters and I've had my share of blackened grouper. Life is good.
Time to go catch some rays..........

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