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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Brussel Sprouts

Biscuit Boy and I have been together for almost 8 years now and not once was I able to convince him to eat brussel sprouts. His memory of them was boiled within an inch of their lives and served with vinegar, yuck! That's the way his mom made them when he was young. No wonder he shivered when ever I uttered their name. Of course my mom boiled them too which is pretty bland. But we can't blame our moms for that travesty of justice. The brussel sprout is actually quite a versatile little guy.

About 2 weeks ago I finally wore Biscuit Boy down and bought a bunch of brussel sprouts. We were in one of the three Korean grocery stores in the area that we like to shop in for fresh, inexpensive veggies. They looked soooooo good. I promised him that I would make them taste good. I'm not so sure he was convinced.

I didn't realize the pressure I put myself under until I got home. I had to make these taste better than he ever would have thought. Hmmm.......time to think of a new recipe. After looking through my trusty cookbooks and a few web recipes, I concocted my version of tasty brussel sprouts.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of them, we ate them before I remembered to get the camera. So I'll have to give you a written description. Close your eyes and picture this (Wait, you better read this before you close your eyes or you'll just be sitting here in the dark) I cut off the ends, sliced them in half and steamed them for about 5 minutes. While they were steaming, I sliced some garlic paper thin and sauteed them in a pan with some olive oil then tossed in the steamed brussel sprouts. After everything was mixed together, I turned the brussel sprouts so the cut side was face down in the pan and added a little soy sauce. I let they cook for a few minutes until the cuts sides caramelized. Then served them to Biscuit Boy.

He smelled them, tentatively pierced one with his fork and brought it to his mouth. Another quick sniff then *Chomp* it was gone and he smiled. SUCCESS! He not only ate all the sprouts I put on his plate, we actually fought over the ones left in the pan. Am I good or what? In fact he like them so much he actually bought some on his own this past weekend and cooked them for me last night. They were good.

To both our moms, no disrespect, but the days of boiled brussel sprouts are gone (thank goodness).

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