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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Roast Chicken Dinner

After I got home from work, I got busy in the kitchen. First on the list was to start dessert. I hadn't planned on dessert until we went to Trader Joe's this morning. They had the prettiest strawberries on sale. When you sniffed the package, you could tell they would be good. The smell was sweet and full of fresh strawberry goodness. I put a package in our cart and told Biscuit Boy we'd be having pie for dessert. He was a happy boy.

I started the filling for the pie while the crust baked. Ok, I cheated and bought one of those pre-made pie crust you have to unfold then put back together because it cracks at the fold lines. But hey, I had to work today. Time was of the essence. After the filling was done and cooling on the counter, I capped the strawberries I had set aside. All that was left was to assemble it after the filling cooled.

Next up was the main attraction....Mr. Chicken. I started out by mixing some room temperature butter with some freshly dried rosemary and thyme, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Then I put bits of the mixture under the skin of the chicken and rubbed it all over so that it was well coated. Then I thinly sliced some garlic and placed the slices under the skin as well. A good squeeze of fresh lemon juice across the top of the chicken, tossing the rest of the lemon inside the bird and off to the oven it went.

Once that was done, Biscuit Boy took over and fixed some oven roasted potatoes and stir fried snow peas. He cleaned and halved some new red potatoes, sprinkled them with some kosher sale and olive oil. Then he took the leftover garlic slices from my chicken,minced them and tossed them in with the potatoes. He fixed the snow peas by first sweating a sliced shallot then adding the snow peas and some soy sauce and tossing it all in the skillet until it was done.

Dinner was ready! We opened a bottle of sparkling wine and ate, and ate, and ate. Between the two of us and the dog, there was not much left. Biscuit Pup got a bunch of the little bits of chicken from the carving board and is at this very moment asleep at my feet. That's one content little doggie.

After dinner had settled, we had a little slice of the pie. It was great. The filling was sweet but not too sweet and gave that little umph to the strawberries. We wanted more but were so full. Hmmm wonder how strawberry pie tastes for breakfast?

Oh my....Biscuit Boy just walked out of the kitchen with the last remaining piece of chicken left, a piece of thigh. Guess one of us wasn't so full after all. Sorry Biscuit Pup, daddy just ate the chicken I was going to give you tomorrow.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great site! Please keep it up...I decided to stop on the way home and pick up a chicken to roast - we are sick of ham after Easter...

6:25 PM  

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