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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Can we all say "Moo"? Dinner at Ray's the Steaks

Last night we met some friends of ours for dinner at Ray's the Steaks. This has to be the best steak I have eaten, ever. We first went to Ray's last May for a friend's birthday and have been hooked since. The owner/chef, Michael Landrum ages and butchers the beef himself. He offers the usual rib eyes, sirloins and filets as well as some cuts like hanger steaks, flat irons, and entrecote. And for those who aren't beef eaters he offers three fish entree's: Salmon (blackened, Cajun or just plain grilled), Cajun shrimp or scallops.

So let's take a trip through a meal at Ray's. After you are seated, someone will come by and give you a menu and a wine list (a five page, small font wine list). A small dish of pan roasted Cajun spiced cashews arrive as your water glass is being filled. After you drink order is taken, a small plate of the most delicious rosemary and thyme bread comes out. It's almost like a foccacia only a little bit thicker and denser.
Then your dinner order is taken. Time to sit back, catch up with good friends and sip some wine.

Then the
pièce de résistance arrives accompanied by little square cast iron dishes filled with creamed spinach and creamy mashed potatoes. We usually order a side order of sauteed mushrooms too. The table usually gets really quiet about this point. A waiter or host comes around and refills your wine glass as you grunt your thanks, words take too much effort when you're elbow deep in a plate of food this good.

Last night, Biscuit Boy and I split a Caesar salad and decided to do something a little different. He ordered a steak and I got the scallops. When they arrived, we shared and created our own version of surf 'n' turf. Now you may think why would I order scallops when I've raved so much about the beef. Well, I'll tell you......
These were scallops to die for. Seven big plump sea scallops, pan fried with Cajun spices to the precise point of being just done. Soft, rich and absolutely delicious. Biscuit Boy got the Blue Devil, a 14 ounce sirloin cooked with chipotle diablo sauce and served with blue cheese, grilled onions and sauteed garlic. The picture above has some of the steak, grilled onions, a few scallops and a bit of the mashed potatoes and spinach. We were so excited about our food, we almost forgot to take a picture of it. The picture at the end of the post is a close up of the steak and scallops. Try not to drool on your keyboard......

For the more adverturous there is the Cowboy Cut, a whopping 28 ounce, bone-in sirloin. This thing is huge (and comes with it's own cardiologist). We've seen this bad boy being served twice. Once to a t-shirt clad guy who did some serious damage to it and another time to a nice petite woman tuck into one with much gusto.

When you're done, any leftovers are boxed up with some fresh mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. If you have the room, there are a good deal of desserts to choose from like fresh strawberries and cream and key lime pie.

To end your dining pleasure, a small cup of hot cocoa is served during the colder months. It has to be the richest stuff ever. I think the only ingredients are chocolate and cream. And in the warmer months, a little plate of fudge or chocolate is served.

Then it's time to get up and waddle to the car, scratch your belly, moo contentedly and think about when you can go again.

Last year Ray's was named by Zagat's as the best steak place in the DC area. It beat out the likes of Ruth's Chris and Mortons. And for the price, you won't find any place that comes close to it. Dinner with a bottle of wine, an appetizer and two steaks (with the complimentary side dishes) may set you back $100 or less. Yummm....we'll be back.

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Blogger Cate said...

Drooling is right ... you're making my mouth water!

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YUM!! Thanks for the very good description of the Ray's experience. Next week will be my first experience there. I can't wait!

12:31 PM  

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