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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Love me Tender

Mom's in town and we promised her an asparagus dinner. Our original intent was to go out to one of the restaurants in town with Spargelgest menus. But that all changed when Biscuit Boy took mom to the Asian market. As they were surveying the delectable variety of fresh veggies, they spied it...... fresh plump asparagus. It was just sitting there....whispering to them "Take me home". So they did. And they took a second bundle just for good measure.

Biscuit Boy also found a gem in the meat case.....Hanging Tenders. This cut of meat is also called the Onglet, Butcher's Tender or Butler's Tender. Cook's Thesaurus had this to say about this cut of beef:
hanger steak = hanging tender = butcher's steak = butcher's tenderloin = onglet Notes: This is the part of the diaphragm that hangs between the last rib and the loin. It's often ground in hamburger (or butchers just take it home), but some people claim that its grainy texture and intense flavor make it a first-rate steak (if marinated first). It's better known in France than in the United States, so you'll probably have to ask your butcher to set one aside for you.

And at $1.99/lb it was a steal. He picked out three of them. Tonight we will eat at home........

When he got home Biscuit Boy trimmed up all three tenders and put two in the freezer. We saved two small pieces that were too marbled for us but perfect for Biscuit Pup. She's one lucky little dog.......

We were pretty lucky too. Our dinner was wonderful. Biscuit Boy tossed the trimmed asparagus with some olive oil then spread them out on a cookie sheet. Then he sprinkled them with some kosher salt and black and white sesame seeds and broiled them until just tender. We cut some small new red potatoes in half, tossed them with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary. They were roasted in the oven. And the meat was was lightly salted, placed in our trusty Lodge cast iron grill pan, seared on all sides and popped in the oven until the internal temperature reached 140. After we let it rest for about 10 minutes, it was sliced and piled on our plates with the asparagus and potatoes. A nice red wine completed the meal. Mom and I couldn't finish even though it was sooooo good.

For dessert we had a cup of coffee and some Tiramisu gelato from Trader Joe's. Tomorrow we will repent for our indulgence but tonight we just want to sit here and rub our bellies.

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