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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Random things

I realized that I've been neglecting my blog. It's been a busy week and weekend for us. Work all week then a fun-filled Saturday at the library have kept me hopping. Then we had our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday.

Let's start with my goofy dog. As I sat here the other morning at my desk, Sophie (aka Biscuit Pup) was wrestling with a big dog biscuit. In the midst of her chewing something outside caught her attention and she barked .......with her mouth full of biscuit. At first it didn't register with me but when I realized that the dope barked while she was chewing a dog biscuit, I laughed out loud! Ever the protector, she wasn't about to let whatever distracted her get into the house and if that meant barking with her mouth full then so be it. If Emily Post had a dog, it would be appalled at Sophie's manners.

On to the library Program. A co-worker writes and produces Murder Mystery programs that are set in libraries. He's written several and they are fantastic. I actually got to play one of the suspects in one we did back in March. The one held this past weekend was a brand new one and was set in Key West. In a round about way, I was placed in charge of the food. The first thing that came to mind was conch fritters and Key Lime pie.

Has anyone in the DC area tried to buy conch recently? It's damn near impossible unless you want to buy it in bulk. I only needed a pound or two. The smallest quantity I could get my hands on was 5 pounds and it was pricey. And not wanting to break the food budget all on conch, I conceded.

The menu came together nicely without conch fritters and everyone at the program seemed to enjoy the food. This was the food and drink tables just before we let people in.The food items were cheese bites (cheese straws cut into little bites instead of strips), nuts, fresh fruit, Key Lime tarts, veggies and chocolate dipped coconut patties (regular and Key Lime flavor). The tarts were wonderful and were a big hit. A co-worker from the host library made them herself and she got lots of compliments. I made the cheese bites and added extra cayenne pepper to give them a bit more kick. They were gone by the end of the program. Another hit with the crowd was the fruit tray. We refilled it twice. Coconut bites went well but we still has about 1/3 left over. And it seems our program attendees were not big veggie eaters. Almost all of the veggies went untouched. The staff at the host library will get their fill of veggies this week since all the leftovers were left for them. Hope they enjoy it!Our beverages choices were virgin Strawberry Daiquiri's and virgin Margarita's plus iced tea, lemonade and water. (Since it was in a county facility, we had to skip the booze in the drinks.)

And finally, our wedding anniversary, May 22nd. Seven years. Anyone from the family still in the betting pool? haha We got married in Chattanooga, TN (Biscuit Boy's home town) in the same church his parents were married in. Since it was in May and the weather was good, we got married in an outdoor courtyard. It was a perfect day with only two minor glitches. One: I didn't think to wear sunscreen. An off the shoulder, low cut dress with no sunscreen meant one well done bride. I didn't even realize it until that night when I looked in the mirror. Ouch. The second glitch was forgetting a cork screw. We got to the reception where all the guest were sitting around waiting on us but nobody was drinking. That's when we discovered why. It wasn't them being polite, it was nobody knowing where the corkscrew was hidden. A quick run to the quickie mart by the best man remedied that.

We had narrowed our dining choices down to two places. Corduroy or Restaurant Eve. We've been to Corduroy several times and love the place. But Restaurant Eve, which is always getting rave reviews, has been on our list of must try places for some time. So we weighed the options.....a place we knew well with a level of comfort from having eaten there son several occasions or a new place with great reviews but not sure how relaxing a meal we would have. In the end we chose Corduroy. I don't think we would have been disappointed either way but it was that level of familiarity that won out. And we were not dissapointed. We got a recommendation on champagne from Don Rockwell. Thanks! It was some of the best I've ever tasted. We shared a fresh asparagus salad. Delish! I dined on Wild King Salmon on Garlic Mashed potatoes and a morel mushroom chardonnay sauce and Biscuit Boy had Brandt Beef Strip Loin with Gruyere Potato Cake and Mushroom Sauce . Both outstanding dishes. And my first taste of the delictable morel mushroom. A strawberry tart with "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate along the edge the plate was dessert. We had a wonderful evening. And as always, left feeling relaxed, full and wanting to go back.


Blogger s'kat said...

I'm playing catch up tonight, so happy anniversary your own self! What a great way to celebrate!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Thanks S'kat!

9:36 PM  

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