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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Going to the dogs

Where has this month gone! I realized just the other day that I last posted on Dec 1st and here it is 2 weeks later. Between several projects at work and the upcoming holidays, time's been just whizzin' by.

Today I finally had time to make a batch of dog biscuits for the family pets. Between Sophie, my parents two dogs (Frazier and KC), my in-law's two (Java and George) and my sister's dog (Walker), we got a mess 'o hounds.

I bought a bag of biscuit mix at a store in New Syrmna Beach while we were on vacation. There's a cute little place called Silly Willy's on Flagler Ave. It's a regular stop for me whenever we're down there.

The mix went together in a snap and before I knew it, there were nearly four dozen little dog biscuits on the cookie sheet ready to go into the oven.
Sophie gave them her paw of approval. Let's hope there's still some left by the time we get to TN this coming weekend. Oh... don't forget to head over to Sweetnick's to see some more cute pups for this week's edition of Weekend Dog Blogging.

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Blogger Justin said...

merry xmas to u! The biscuits semm to be quite yummy. I hope to buy some for my doggies. And hey, just check out my post on christmas pet game!. let your dog njoy this!

6:17 AM  

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