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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cumin Crusted Fish

This dish is still a work in progress. We're trying to replicate a dish we used to get at a place here in town. Once the chef left for another place, this and several other dishes went as well. It was a cumin crusted spicy fish and it was delish.

The picture above was our first attempt. Not bad, but not the dish we remember so well. But at least it gave us an idea of how to tweak the recipe for our next try. This version had me coat the fish with a beaten egg white, then dredged in a mixture of flour, cumin and salt. Then a quick toss in a skillet with some oil and garlic and topped with fresh cilantro.

While it smelled strongly of cumin, I think the flour supressed the flavor from coming through. The cumin flavor was very light. We did get the texture of the coating right on target. So now we're working with the actual flavoring. Maybe less or no flour, perhaps a pinch more salt, who knows. We'll eventually get it all figured out and when we do I'll repost with the recipe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tweaking is half the fun of making a recipe your own, right?

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try less coating (maybe rice flour????), deep-frying?

12:23 AM  

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