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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cookbook Giveaway - Part 2

UPDATE: All of the cookbooks have found new homes.

Here's part 2 of the cookbook giveaway. If you see anything you'd like to own,
leave a note in the comments section with a your e-mail address so I can contact you for your mailing address. And don't be afraid to be greedy, take as many as you like.
The Chocolate Lovers Cookbook
Cooking Essentials - from The Cooking Club of America

Cooking with the Noonday Chef
365 Ways to Cook Chicken
Who Said You could cook?: Kinfolks Cookbook

Our Favorite Recipes - a church groups cookbook from Knoxville TN
Pickled Wire - recipes from the employees of Nashville Wire Products
The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookbook - from Church Street Centre in Nashville (the center is long since gone)

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekend Dog Blogging

Sophie wants a belly rub. She also wants you to head over to Sweetnick's on Sunday to check out the other hounds in this week's edition of Weekend Dog Blogging.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cookbook Giveaway - round one

All of the cookbooks have been given away.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm cleaning up and trimming down my cookbook collection. And you, my readers, are the lucky ones because you will get to take any of the ones I no longer want. S'Kat and the Food is also joining in on the giveaway. So check out her blog as well to see what goodies she has to offer.

This first set of cookbooks I have selected are ones I'll refer to as The Old and Somewhat Odd.

First up.
We'll start with the old. Favorite Recipes of Wellesley Alumnae.This is a cookbook from 1950. As you can tell from the cover it's from the Alumnae Association of Wellesley College. It's not in the greatest condition and was well used by it's former owner. I bought it because I'm always intrigued by these older funky cookbooks. But after it sat on the shelf for several years and never got used, it was voted off the island.

Next up,
Breakfast & Beyond.Many bed & breakfasts have their favorite recipes and are happy to share them. This book is a compilation of recipes from The B&B Association of Arkansas. It's in really good shape and has lots of nice looking recipes. It's reason for being thinned from the herd is that I just never used it.

Our third contender is one I put into the Odd category. The Buffets of Carnival. entertaining secrets from Carnival Chefs. It's as much an advertisement for Carnival Cruise Lines as it is a cookbook. Lots of beautiful color pictures and in mint condition but just not enough for me when it comes to usability.

Fourth on the list is more unique than odd. Mix & Match: Cooking for special occasions, over 1000 different menu combinations. Inside each section are three choices of a meal that you can mix and match. The pages are cut into thirds with appetizers on the top third, entrees on the middle and desserts on the bottom. Don't like the first appetizer shown? Turn the 1/3 page for the appetizer and there's another, and another. Same goes for the entree and dessert. Much like the other books here today, I just never used it. The book is in new condition.

Number five is The Ultimate Maine Potato Cookbook. I have no idea why I bought this one. But I did and never used it. So you guessed the shelf it went.

Next up is actually a duo of rather small pamphlet like cookbooks I got for renewing my subscription to Saveur Magazine. One is called Desserts and the other Classics. They're nice, have beautiful looking recipes. I contemplated keeping them but decided not to because they're small and I thought they'd get lost in the crowd.

And finally, an odd collection of regional cookbooks. Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook, Southern Appalachian Mountain Cookin' and A Vermont Cook Book.Small cookbooks packed with regional delights. And they're all yours if you want them.

If you want any of these cookbook gems, let me know. You can leave a note in the comments section. If your name links to your blogger account or otherwise will take me to a place where I can get your e-mail address that's great. If not, drop me an e-mail. biscuitblog is the name of the e-mail and the provider is earthlink which is a dot net. (see you have to write it out like this or face the deluge of spams from people who scour blogs to grab e-mail addresses). Please don't put your name and address in the comments section, in this day and age it's just not a safe thing to do.

And next week I'll put up a few more cookbooks so if none of these whet your appetite stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cookbook Bonanza

My New Year's Resolution is to unclutter my house....beginning with my cookbook collection. I realized that I don't use near as many as I need and over the years my cooking styles and tastes have changed. Thus the many dusty tomes sitting on the shelves and not being used in as much as six years or at least since we moved to our house that many years ago.

I looked through every book and after the dust settled, literally, I pared down the collection from 6 shelves to just two. This has left me with quite a few books in need of a good home. And this is where you all come in. I will be putting some of my cookbooks on my blog and will give them to you. All you have to do is be the first one to ask for a certain title you see posted.

And why would I do this? Because I know that if you are reading my blog you like food and cooking (ok, and you like Sophie, but you can't have her, she's mine).

So stay tuned, I'll be busy taking pictures of the books that will soon be up for adoption and posting them here for your taking.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Just a quick post as I am under the weather and really feel lousy.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago about all the wonderful meals we ate while visiting my family over Christmas. One of the meals was an old German dish that my mom learned to make from her mother. She never wrote down the recipe, it's all been stored in her head. I've watched her make enough times that I think I could make it on my own.

We neglected to get a picture of the meal but mom had leftovers and after reheating a plateful the other night, took this picture for me to post.
The potato dumplings have a hidden surprise in the middle, homemade croutons sauteed with butter and onions. Nice. The meat is so tender it flakes apart. Pickled red cabbage is our choice of sides although I've seen it served with sauerkraut. Either one is fine with me. And lastly the sweet-tangy sauce that is served over the meat and dumplings. The sweet comes from crushed gingersnaps and the tangy comes from the vinegar used to marinate the meat.

And on a totally unrelated note, don't forget to keep voting for Sophie and Walker (see the previous post). You can vote more than once a day! So vote early and often. Now I'm heading back to bed......

And one year ago...... Thai Mango Salad

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vote for Sophie!

*UPDATE #2* Keep telling everyone to vote for Sophie. You can vote every day.
I entered Sophie in Dog Show USA. She wants your vote to help her win.
Here's how:
1. Go to the Dog Show USA website.
2. Click on the "View" button in the Contest Gallery section (left side of screen)
3. On the next screen type in Sophie in the search box and look for the picture seen above.
4. Click on the right most star under her picture and voila, you just voted for Sophie.
And you can also vote for my sister's Black Lab, Walker.Here are the other two pictures of Sophie that I submitted:
(And if you want to see other cuties, go to Sweetnicks for Weekend Dog Blogging)