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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Home again

We reluctantly returned from Florida late last night. The picture above is the sunrise on our first morning.

As vacations go, it was great, even Sophie seemed to have a good time.

There's lots to write about and I hope to get that done tomorrow. For now here are a few hints about what to expect, doggy lifejackets, salsa dancing, chasing crabs and of course great seafood.

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Blogger PatL said...

That dawg is just criminally cute. Ooo, I just want to reach out and rub that soft face to pieces!

Hey, can you believe WDB is over? You should consider hosting it! I would if time permitted, and if someone doesn't do it, in time I just might ...

Here's hoping real-life re-entry isn't too painful!

8:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I came across your blog because I was searching for photos of mixes that might match my dog, but what luck that I also found a site with great recipes!! Here's a photo of my dog; at best we think he is papillon and american eskimo; I've seen some representations of that mix with ears up and some with ears down too.


2:34 PM  

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